CMC Gateway / BMS / ESS Controller

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This device reads out cell data from Battery Cell Controller IC and populates this, readable, on the CanBus (BGTW Firmware). For BMS functionality buy the BMS firmware version. BlueBMS for vehicles usages and ESS BMS for Energy storage communications and functions. (This device is for example compatible with the TayCan battery modules interface)


It all started with the CMC TPL a device known for its versatility and reliability. Our flagship in the value-line.

By using a Isolated Network High-Speed Transceiver this device reads out cell data from Battery Cell Controller IC and populates this on the CanBus (BGTW firmware).

By installing the BMS firmware this device becomes a value-line BMS** with the following functions:

  • Contactor control;
  • Charge/Discharge rate;
  • Temperature monitoring;
  • Balance monitoring & control;
  • Charger control*;
  • etc.;

The device could carry*:

  • 2 TPL ports, each port supports 15 devices (30 battery modules per gateway);
  • 2 CanBus interfaces;
  • Digital Inputs;
  • Digital outputs (current sinking);
  • Further IO depends on config:
    • Analog Inputs;
    • PWM outputs (push/pull) low power (optional);
    • LIN BUS (optional);
    • RS-485 (optional);
  • max. 30kw inverter support;

the IO’s are CanBus readable/write able.

The product comes with a PEAK CAN or BUSMUST Interface  Compatible software suite. Consisting of a firmware updater (over CanBus) and a BMS Studio.

The studio permits to test/verify/monitor the installation.

Customer changes and or wishes can be discussed, please contact us :).

Firmware choices:

  • BGTW = bare metal CANBus data and commands;
    • as an interface for OEMers;
  • BlueBMS = Firmware dedicated to vehicles; support for chargers for example;
    • for e-mobility;
  • ESSBMS = Firmware dedicated to support communications with Hybrid storage inverters (current list);
    • for storage solutions***;


* Configurations of the device may vary; discuss your needs upfront with us.

** Expect regular updates which increased functionality.

*** Limitations may apply;

Additional information

Weight0,25 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 15 cm

BGTW (default), +BlueBMS (+127.50), +ESSBMS (+187.50)