BESS System 100kwh (NEW!), in stock!



We are ready for orders!

  • +/- 100kwh Storage Cabinet;
  • Wired for High Voltage (108S, +/- 432Vdc or 216S, +/- 864Vdc);
  • incl. Main Disconnects;
  • incl. Insulation monitor;
  • incl. TayCan Batteries;
  • incl. latest CMC44 BMS;
  • Scalable solution;
    • Multiple cabinets can be combined on AC or DC side;
  • HV Hybrid inverter as per customer choice (contact us for more details);
  • Outdoor version / Indoor version available;
  • Made from aluminium and stainless steel;
  • Powder coated in RAL Colour on customer request;
  • Proudly build in EUROPE!

Please discuss your needs with us.

*Currently this system is delivered as R&D kit.