Supported Hardware

We are code warriors and have a very module based software design.

Here is a small list of what we support:

  • ESS Firmware:
    • HV Inverters; Like Sungrow, GoodWE etc.
    • LV Inverters; Victron and many others.

(more in detail: we are PylonTech (HV and LV) device compatible*)

  • EV Firmware:
    • Chargers; TC chargers, (others free on request);
    • hardware;
    • etc.

Your hardware is not listed?
Ask us to implement it, we are quick!

If you have documentation or for example an CAN DBC file we will implement it swiftly.

Mail us details about your project and we think allong in solutions!

* note: due to the nature of software we need exact firmware version of your device. Contact us for more information.