The Concept

What do we sell?

In short: We sell a device which makes it possible to designate the purpose of car batteries. Car batteries are made in great quantities this makes them very cost efficient. Typically a car battery is made of modules. Those modules can be used freely in new products

Vehicles (BlueBMS);

Transportation of people and goods are currently undergoing big changes in energy source. All kind of vehicles are transformed to electric. From bikes to snow-scooters or for DIY EV conversions.

Are you a converter/builder with your own VCU software already?
Then the BGTW might be your firmware. We solved the communication you will solve the functions and integration.

If your needs are more towards a configurable product then the Blue BMS version is what you need, simply tell us about your project and we think and help allong!


Energy Storage Solutions; Another great usage for car batteries is in the also called power wall scene. This means that the car batteries are used for storage of excess solar power or to buy (charge) energy when cheap and use when expensive.

The commonality:
Every purpose needs an BMS; We sell mainly interfaced Battery Management Modules this means that the products are fit for a typical OEM battery. Please check each product pages for compatibilty;

Please feel free to contact us for questions;