CMC44 Pro-Line BMS & ESS Controller (NEW!)

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This device is our flagship product for proffesional usage. BlueBMS for mobility usage and ESS BMS for Energy storage communications and functions. (This device is compatible with the TayCan battery modules interface)


The CMC44 is our high end BMS in the pro-line.
This device reads out the cell data of 60 Modules in a blink!

This means that with a single BMS a BESS can be assembled with 172.8kwH of storage capacity.

The device is equipped with:

  • 4 TPL ports, each port supports 15 devices (15*4=60 Battery modules per gateway);
  • Galvanic Isolated design;
  • 2 Isolated CANBus interfaces;
  • 5x Digital outputs*;
    • For controlling for example contactors etc.
  • 3x Analog / Digital Inputs*;
  • Isolated RS-485*;
    • Modbus slave support (or TCP Master with converter);
  • ISO SPI interface*;
  • Support for CAN IO modules (with PWM outputs);
  • Devices can be bundled to form one bigger setup (node network);
  • Cluster Support; Built in parallel mode to combine multiple nodes;
  • Support for Isolation monitors (IO or RS485 etc.);
  • No limit on inverter support;

The product comes with a PEAK CAN or BUSMUST Interface  Compatible software suite. Consisting of a firmware updater (over CanBus) and a BMS Studio to oversee an BMS or multiple.

The studio permits to configure/test/verify and monitor the installation.

Customer changes and or wishes can be discussed, please contact us :).

Firmware choices**:

  • BlueBMS = Firmware dedicated to mobility; support for EV chargers;
  • ESSBMS = Firmware dedicated to support communications with Hybrid storage inverters (current list);

Contact us for your project needs!

* Because of current market conditions configurations of the device may vary; discuss your needs upfront with us. IO/S are exapandable.

** Expect regular updates which increase the functionality.

Additional information

Weight0,25 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 15 cm

BGTW (default), +BlueBMS (+417.50), +ESSBMS (+1355.50)